[b]Angry Birds Dream Blast v1.8.1 (Mod)[/b]

Angry Birds Dream Blast v1.8.1 (Mod) Requirements: 5.0+ Overview: Life is a bubble-popping dream in a new puzzle game with an all-new play style never before seen in an Angry Birds game! Burst dream bubbles with the baby Angry Birds to solve puzzles and make naptime extra dreamy. With so many unique puzzles to solve, and more added every week, you can truly live the dream!

Playing is easy, it’s all about popping bubbles and combining boosters. Just tap to pop groups of similarly colored dream bubbles. Pop enough bubbles at once and you’ll earn a Red booster! Tap Red to take out a row of bubbles -or- combine two Reds to make a Chuck that pops bubbles in four directions. Combine two Chucks to make the extra powerful Bomb booster! Baby Bomb may look cute, but his explosive energy can even clear an entire screen of bubbles! Combine more bubbles at once to create more powerful boosters. Dreamy!

– Easy to pick up and play!
– Tap to pop groups of dream bubbles.
– Combine many bubbles at once to unleash special powers.
– Dream bubbles fall according to physics, making every level unique!
– Master different types of challenges.
– Play hundreds of fun levels.
– New levels every Friday!

What’s New:
Blasting Dream Bubbles just got way better!
– NEW: Introducing teams. Join or create a team and donate lives to keep you and your friends playing.
– NEW: Team events. Be challenged as a team to complete team-challenges.
– NEW: Unlock new avatars!

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More Info:
Download Instructions: Mod Boosters https://dropapk.com/zzl0mvxif188

Mirror https://douploads.com/5kqzfmuzh9pr