Bluetooth Bridge Pro v1.5 [Paid]

Bluetooth Bridge Pro v1.5 [Paid]
Requirements: 2.0 and up
Overview: This app acts like a bluetooth bridge between 2 SPP (Serial Port Profile) bluetooth devices or SPP and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices.

Beta testing of following new feature is available:
-connection of USB to serial converters CP210x, CDC, FTDI, PL2303 and CH34x
If you have any of those devices and want to test this new feature, just send me an email.

This app acts like a bluetooth bridge between 2 SPP (Serial Port Profile) bluetooth devices or SPP and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices. For example micro-controllers with a bluetooth module (like HC-06(SPP), BT09(BLE) etc…), or other Android device with bluetooth terminal or similar.

If you need Bluetooth terminal app, try Bluetooth Commander app. It is free, without ads.

Incoming transmission from one connected device is retransmitted to second connected device and vice versa. Furthermore user can change this behaviour to one directional transfer, for example only from device A to device B. Bidirectional transmission is default and can be changed during active transmission.

In the case of connecting to BLE device (only as device A) one characteristic from the list of retrieved characteristics can be used for receiving and transmission (one Rx+Tx characteristic).

Unfortunately, devices like headsets and bluetooth speakers are not compatible with this app, since they use different bluetooth profile, neither SPP, nor BLE.

1. Connect to both devices from BT Bridge app or initialize connection from remote device (in such case use long click on Connect/Listen button to enable listening for incoming connection). Remote device name is shown only if connection was initiated from BT Bridge app, otherwise “Incoming connection” is displayed.

2. Select if you want to retransmit all communication, or just from one device (for example only from device A to device B). Bidirectional transmission is default. You can change this during active transmission

3. That`s it. Your Bluetooth bridge is ready!

Need more than a simple bridge between two devices?Try our Bluetooth Splitter Pro, which can split / multiplex bluetooth streams between master device and multiple remote devices. It can also connect to BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy / Bluetooth Smart) device. Now available on Google Play.

Q: Can this app be used for playing music from bluetooth speakers?
A: No, audio devices use different bluetooth profile, neither SPP nor BLE

Q: Can I use the app to connect my smart watch with phone? Or apple device with other devices?
A: Although BLE devices can be connected, one characteristic is not enough for full-featured communication.

Q: Looks like pretty useless app. What is it for?
A: Bluetooth Splitter App is mainly focused on engineers, software developers, electricians working with microcontrollers who have designed/programmed their devices and have them fully under control. Control boards like Arduino or Raspberry Pi often use bluetooth modules for communication. Such modules are mostly SPP and BLE devices.

Found a bug? Missing feature? Just email the developer. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
[email protected]

What’s New:
– bug related to opening unwanted listening port fixed

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