Budget Book Pro – Personal Finance Budget Manager v1.22

Budget Book Pro – Personal Finance Budget Manager v1.22 Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: Knowing how to make money is the first step, knowing how to spend money is the tricky part. Budgeting and sticking to that budget can help you learn how to spend less money and save more money.

By creating a spending plan for your personal finances, it allows you to take control of your income and using a budget can help you set financial goals and help you reach those goals.
Before you make more money you have to learn how to use the money you have.
With a budget you can create a blueprint of how to use your money and how to prevent unnecessary spending and by limiting your expenses it means that you have more of your personal income to save for a rainy day or for that vacation you always wanted.
Planning a monthly budget, weekly budget or even a daily budget can prevent financial waste and promote financial stability.
Using Budget Book Pro, you can start a budget today and keep on top of your personal wealth. Manage your money and don’t let it manage you.
With the state of the economy, there is no reason not to start budgeting today with Budget Book Pro.
Budget Book Pro Features:
Budget Summary Screen:
On the budget summary screen you can keep track of your personal finances and see the monthly total of your income also see the monthly total of your expenses and what the grand total is of your income after the expenses has been deducted.
The budget summary screen also has a pie chart to give you a nice visual representation of the current state of your personal budget.
You can also go through the months to view previous months’ budgets and see if you are saving more money or spending too much money.
Budget Income Screen:
On the budget income screen you can add all your personal income to the list and get a general view of all the income you have to work with. When adding a income item you can also specify the date of that specific personal income.
Budget Expenses Screen:
On the budget expenses screen you can add expenses and also have a expenses list that gives you a good idea of where you can cut expenses and save more money.
Daily Budget Bar Chart:
On the daily budget bar chart, you get a monthly overview of each day’s budget and what income and expenses coincide with the specific day. This can help you manage your personal finances better and see on what day the most expenses take place.
Currency Indicators:
Budget Book Pro does not use any currency indicators, just the numbers. It does not matter what country or financial system you are in, you can use Budget Book Pro to help you manage your personal finances.
With all your budgeting information at your finger tips, you can start to manage your personal finances / budget and begin saving money for a better and more financial stable lifestyle.
The only difference between a dream and a goal is the fist step. Take that step to a better future and financial stability. Personal finance is a key aspect that is needed to be in a better financial position.

What’s New:
App update bug fix
UI Changes:
-Moved total chart
-Added list of categorized items on the summary page
Added color coded categories
Added monthly / year chart

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