Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x 3.1

Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x v3.1
Requirements: 4.1 and up
Overview: Magnify everything you want. Magnifier “Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x” has 80x zoom. Easy to use, simple to magnify.

The application “Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x” uses digital zoom. So, the image quality depends on your default camera resolution,
Magnify the image, small details, texts, manuals.
Digital Magnifier can help blind people, people with poor eyesight. You will be able to see a lot from very long distance.
Zoom the small detail and take a photo. The photo will be saved in the gallery of images. You will be able to look at the saved picture wherever you need.
Scroll down the bottom panel to zoom in and zoom out.
Maximum zoom is 80x, but quality of the image depends on the camera in your phone.
You can use “Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x” as virtual telescope, virtual microscope, virtual binocular, virtual glasses, virtual monocular, camera lenses.
“Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x” has flashlight. You can turn on the flash light in the dark for better image quality.
Telescopic camera application with enhanced zoom is great. It can be used as virtual telescope or glasses.
Features of the application “Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x”:
* zoom 80x
* useful for blind people
* telescopic zoom
* ability to take a photo
* ability to save a magnified picture
* flashlight for better quality of zoom
* digital magnifier
* virtual telescope, microscope, glasses
* camera lenses
Easy to zoom. “Camera Telescope — Super Zoom 80x” magnifies better than eyes. Maximum zoom your life.

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