Easy Photo Premium – Edit & Effect 6.1.1

Easy Photo Premium – Edit & Effect v6.1.1 Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: ****** More than 30 photo effects for your choices *******
****** Photo Editor and Easy Photo ***** New **** Very Lite (<4Mb) ****** No Ads********* ****** No logo marked ****** You can express your creation through your mobile phone. This app is designed to help you doing that. We bring to you a very lite and professional photo editor. With Easy Photo Premium app, you can apply many great image effect as : - Basic color effect: Brightness Contrast, Hue Saturation, RGB chanel, gray, black white picture, ... - Advance photo effect : Blur background image, zoom blur, motion blur, paint simulation, sepia, cartoon simulation, ... - Gradient mode help you custom your effect - Special effect (in premium version) : splash effect, emboss, hatch, levels, art group effect, effect for beauty, glass simulation, ... You can not only apply effect to the whole picture but also work on selected area of your picture. It will make your image is very impressive. ********* Feature ************ - Zoom and move your picture white editing - Detect area you want to apply effect. - App effect to your selected area - Modify your effect area : using gradient mode, expand it or clear it a bit to make your picture more real - Save your picture to your phone storage and share your picture to facebook, other apps,... ********* How to use app ********** - Load image from your gallery - Draw egde of area you want to apply effect - Select your area by touching - Apply and custom your effect on selected area - Modify your effect : expand it, clear effect or make effect gradient. - Save, share your result picture. This app has no advertisements More Info: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vila.android.premium.photo Download Instructions: https://douploads.com/zic7owx19q09 https://dropapk.com/crjzp2msrmd9