Good alarm clock without ads with music and widget v1.1 [Premium]

Good alarm clock without ads with music and widget v1.1 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: A simple alarm clock, in which I tried to combine ease of use, flexibility of settings and nice design. It turned out or not, to judge you, dear users!

No frills, the program is easy and clear. But at the same time, the alarm clock includes the necessary functions, such as:
setting your own melody. Select a ringtone from the existing ones or specify any of your own;
Create multiple alarms. Create different alarms for different events. Melody, signal increase, vibration, everything is set individually for each signal.
select the days for the alarm;
the ability to defer a signal for a specified time by one click;
postponing the signal with the “volume up” button;
you can turn on the pre-alarm, which for the time you want before the main alarm clock will push you out of sleep, after which you will get up without stress under the main signal;
notes to signals. Add descriptions for the convenience of working with several alarms;
extreme settings to turn off silent mode and set the maximum volume of the signal.
Widget! Turn on / off the alarm clock directly from the widget!

Important note!
If suddenly your alarm does not work or is triggered, but not on time, it means that you missed the Welcome screen and did not follow my advice on whitelisting for battery optimization modes on Android 6 and above. Drop the settings of the application or reinstall it, carefully read what I wrote in the welcome message and perform the necessary manipulations. There’s nothing to be done, Android is struggling to survive the battery. If there are any problems after these steps, then your case is individual, write to me at [email protected], we will understand.

You can download a free alarm clock without ads and it will be an excellent assistant for you every day! Pleasant awakening!

Typical questions:

“Is the alarm free?” There is no advertising in it? What’s the catch?
There’s no catch. I just enjoy programming, this is my hobby, my fetish, why not share your crafts with other people.

– I did not have an alarm.
Did you perform the necessary manipulations from the recommendations on the start screen? If so, then write me somewhere, we’ll sort it out together.

– Alarm clock will work on the phone off?
Unfortunately no. The phone must be switched on. The alarm clock works on top of the system. The system is turned off – the program is not running.

– What’s in the Deluxe version? How is she better than this?
There are no fundamental differences. You can buy it if you want to thank me with a mug of coffee. All themes and options are available in it.

What’s New:
-the choice of tunes in folders
-themes and melodies
-turn off by turning the phone down the screen
-single signal(no repeat on days of the week)
-adjust volume buttons
-detailed description for different devices
-more obvious choice of days of the week
-improved widget
-grouping of notifications

Premium Features Unlocked

This app has no advertisements

More Info: credit sserratty

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