GymUp Pro training diary v10.23 [Paid]

GymUp Pro training diary v10.23 [Paid] Requirements: 4.0+ Overview: GymUP is the apps which combines a very functional training scratch pad, a large base of exercises and training programs.

You can choose the appropriate training program from your reference book and begin to follow it. And if you decide to draw up your own training program you will have more than 500 available exercises described in details. In due course you will be able to get a very detailed statistics which will allow you to plan sets, weights and reps.
The pay version doesn’t have any limits.
A little bit more about functionality. Using this apps you will be able to:
* Record your workout results in a convenient and logic way (supersets are maintained)
* Plan sets, reps and weight using previous workout results (they will be presented in the form of convenient lists and diagrams)
* Find a proper program in a reference book using filter by parameters (place of performing, sex, workouts number, etc.)
* Draw up your own free training programs and exchange them with your friends
* Discover new exercises using filter by parameters (muscles, efforts, training level, etc.)
* Get your activity statistics in the form of calculations and image data
* Record your body parameters (photo, weight, height, muscles circumference, etc.) and look at their growth dynamics
* Use sport calculators (optimal proportion calculation, fat percentage, etc.)
* Export all the data to Excel
* And lots of other things


• the ability to copy and paste exercises between workouts and program days (via the internal clipboard)
• the ability to set a filter in the exercise history
• improved view of the fixation days list item – now in each list item there are several measurements and 1 photo
• the ability to set the color for the program, day program, workout and exercise workout
• improved view of the previous results list item: approaches on the right + displays the execution strategy

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