Matrix operations premium v5.0.9

Matrix operations premium v5.0.9 Requirements: 4.0.3 and up Overview: solution of systems of linear equations by the Jordan-Gauss method;

Solution of systems of linear equations by the Cramer method;
-Solution of systems of linear equations by the Gauss method;
-Finding the determinant of the matrix;
-Calculation of the transpose matrix;
-Matrix multiplication by number;
-Erection of a matrix in degree;
-Finding the inverse matrix;
-Matrix rank calculation;
-Matrix multiplication;
-Addition of matrices;
-Matrix subtraction;
All solutions are detailed, step by step
What’s New
Added the representation of solutions in the form of ordinary fractions;
Added settings window. You can configure the following parameters in it:
– Presentation of the result in the form of:
1) Ordinary fractions;
2) Decimal fractions;
3) Without solution (only result);
– Keyboard settings:
1) Enable/disable vibration feedback;
2) Enable/disable the click sound;
– Change interface language

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