NOWhatsApp & WhatsApp+ v9.30


NOWhatsApp & WhatsApp+ v9.30
Requirements: 4.0.3+
Overview:  * Update to release v2.18.217


 New in v9.30?
*New Base Updated to 2.18.217
*Works until 23-07-2020
*One touch voice note recording! (Press and swipe up)
*The possibility of knowing suspicious links through messages received
*Video/Voice Call to Multiple Contacts
*Enabled “Mark As Read” from notification
*Enable Save chats to a file! Chat Menu – More – export chat
*Specific Media Visibility for Chats/Groups! Option to choose to show a chat/group media in gallery or hide it
[Added] “Select all” option chats in Home screen
[Added] option with ability to change between 3 different Text-Entry Styles “Default-Hangouts-WAMOD”(Norah Mods-Conversation Screen)
[Added] Option to Disable Header Vibration when Receive Message from Hidden Chat (Hidden Chats Page – Click on Settings Icon)
[Added] Option to Hide Count on Icon for Hidden Chat (Hidden Chats Page – Click on Settings Icon)
[Added] option to Show Video icon in Chat ActionBar(Norah Mods-Conversation Screen)
[Added] Header Attach Icon
[Added] Option to Hide Attach Icon from Header(Norah Mods-Conversation Screen)
[Added] Option to Hide Attach Icon from Stock Entry Style(Norah Mods-Conversation Screen)
[Added] Option to Increase Video Limit in Status(Norah Mods-Media Settings)
[Added] Hindi Languge
[Added] Hindi Lanchur Icon
[Improvement] Send Message to unsaved number option
[Fixed] Download Text status copies incorrect status
*[Fixed] Copy WhatsApp data Option
*Other Fixes 

General features of the four versions
A copy does not require updating and secure and against the ban , God willing , the 
possibility of activation via text message 
faster and smoother version 
supports all devices Galxi S series and Galxi Note – Htc – Nexus is 
working as a number of second and third and fourth (copy NOWhatsApp3 + NOWhatsApp2 + NOWhatsApp only) 
Add an option to cancel the interface status (Alsturi new) and return to the old interface , the 
possibility of sending video to your case belimited to ten minutes instead of 45 seconds , the 
possibility of favoring a message for later viewing 
ability to encrypt messages 
can change the style of writing (Mail- wide – Itush line) .. for more details Click the 
ability to see pictures The profile inside the conversation 
adds an option to display Picture of people in conversation 
Add an option to view photos of people in the group Add an option to view my photo 
in the conversation
Add an option to display the Picture in thegroup to 
add the option to control the size profile pictures in the conversation 
Add check an update option the 
possibility of sending files in several formats (pdf, txt, doc, docx , xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, unknown) 
Privacy Options 
counter groups 
add an option to put your name and number instead of WhatsApp in the main screen to 
add the option to Akhvar your number in the main screen to 
add the option to hide the audio recording icon to 
add the option to hide the camera icon to 
add the option to delete the remnants of the program to 
add the option to create a shortcut to theprogram icon (and works on it unread messages counter) 
add an option to change the shape Bubble Chat 
Add an option to change the True – Receive Health – Reading Health
Add the Read WhatsApp + .log option to see your friends’ moves (who changed their photo / status / who has become connected) 
Can make the conversation unread 
New settings to mute each chat individually and customize a tone for each 
Add a Hide conversation archiving 
option Add a Hide contact picture option Chat screen 
Add option Hide the line between the conversations on the home screen 
Add the option Hide the line between calls in the call interface 
Add the option Hide the line between the contacts in the contact interface 
Ability to see the status of people in the main conversations screen 
Visibility of the general state in the screen Conversation 
Add an option to hide the status of people in the main conversation screen 
Add an option to hide the public status in the conversation screen
Hide contacts, groups, and groups that are blocked 
Add data copy and search feature with the ability to retrieve it later 
Hide name and date when copying two or more messages 
Add an option to hide annoying notifications in pop-up versions 
Send a 30 MB video instead of 16 
Send more than 90 photos at once Instead of 10 
Add a toast option or find out who your number is with 
Add your photo in the conversation when using the online search option 
Add an option to delete the recently used alias 
Add an option to put your name instead of ‘WhatsApp’ in the chats 
Copy status 
Save image Show 
rap In case you 
can click the link in the conversation without having to store the sender number, you 
can change the program icon
Ability to change notification icon 
Ability to specify part of contact status 
Ability to distinguish between private and group messages 
Increase case letters to 256 characters 
Ability to select part of text 
Add floating button in main conversation screen 
Add option to control floating button 
Add option to make settings background black 
Write 10,000 characters Attachment with media instead of 160 characters 
Add color adjustment option (conversations – chat bubbles – font color – main conversation screen – top bar) 
Add a confirmation window when you press the call icon in conversations and call list 
Ability to preview the doors I In the conversation 
when receiving a contact you can send it immediately without having to store the number 
unblocking the links of the tagger
Add an option to convert images from circle to box 
Add option to control image angle

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NOWhatsApp+  –> (com.whatsapp)


NOWhatsApp –> (com.nowhatsapp)


NOWhatsApp 2 –> (com.2nowhatsapp)


NOWhatsApp 3–> (com.3nowhatsapp)