PianoMeter – Easy Piano Tuner v2.0.2 [Pro Mod]

PianoMeter – Easy Piano Tuner v2.0.2 [Pro Mod] Requirements: 4.1 and up Overview: Easy Piano Tuner is a piano tuning app that will transform your Android device into a professional quality electronic tuning aid.

Unlike regular chromatic tuning apps that simply tune to a pre-calculated equal temperament, this app actively measures the tonal characteristics of each note and automatically calculates the ideal “stretch” or offset from equal temperament. In other words, it creates a custom tuning for your piano with the best compromise between intervals like fifths, fourths, octaves, and twelfths, the way aural piano tuners do when fine-tuning.

What’s New:
Improve memory consumption on older tablets
Fix bug that was preventing the modification of tuning files while the tuning curve was locked

Pro version unlocked,
Analytics is disabled,
Bran extra rubbish,
Graphics are compressed

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More Info: credit AlexStrannik
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