Readably – RSS Feed Reader v1.0.9 – beta [Unlocked]


Readably – RSS Feed Reader v1.0.9 – beta [Unlocked]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: RSS is the best medium to follow the things you’re passionate about and to read your favorite writers. 



But most RSS apps get in the way of enjoying good writing, they’re just too cluttered.

Readably is a RSS reader designed to capitalize on the simplicity of RSS. It’s main focus is to provide a customizable and superb reading experience which lets you slow down, lean back, and enjoy good writing. 

With it’s sparse interface Readably doesn’t get in the way of the content, which encourages deliberate reading instead of skimming and forgetting.

Readably currently only supports Feedbin and Inoreader, more services will be added later

Contains four easy on the eyes background colors along with six beautiful easily readable fonts. You can also customize font size, line height and justification.
Automatic theme change allows you to read comfortably at night while providing the best visibility on daytime (requires location permission)
Easily view and zoom images in articles with a full fledged image viewer, which also lets you share images to other apps
Readability view lets you read full articles for partial RSS content while providing consistent reading experience, can be activated by double tapping (Powered by Mercury Parser)


Enjoy RSS content on the plane or when traveling with offline support, everything is available offline including full articles and images
Comprehensive settings lets you control your reading experience and synchronization behavior 
Always have fresh content with background syncing


Version 1.0.9 – Beta:
Effecient and fast sync especially in slow/unstable networks
Introduced a setting to limit storage capacity taken up by cached images
Introduced a setting to allow full articles to be loaded when opening a feed item
Android 9 Pie compatibility
Swipe gesture to easily open the navigation drawer
Mark as read/starred operations are now instantly synced
New font choice: Charter
Several bug fixes, performance/memory-usage improvements

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