Tester for Android & Hardware v1.4 [ad-free]

Tester for Android & Hardware v1.4 [ad-free] Requirements: 4.2 and up Overview: this is the product that every Android user needs. Want to buy new Android phone want to compare specs and not sure what smartphone compare apps will do? Let’s analyze and test your device, let’s check the sensors and components.

You don’t need any special expert advice because you can measure with your phone all the aspects according to engineer collaboration. Yes, that is Tester for Android and Hardware spec. A User who new Android smartphone? Want to know its capabilities? With a single tap, it comprehensively tests all aspects of a device and can check his demanding results. Tester for Android & Hardware Spec is the best benchmark test Android app allows you to show your droid hardware info & can test all your device hardware. It does not matter that how much your battery health you can use this app at the low battery … It will help you to examine your Android system and hardware info. Tester for Android & Hardware Spec is a new benchmark test android app for free that is an auditor and test your device, sensor, and other components, to make sure everything is working properly.
This the product that actually designed for the purely Android user phone tester hardware info is a product In which you can check device sensor, Wi-Fi, telephony, battery, camera (front and back), COMMUNICATION PERIPHERALS, multi-touch, system information and more. You can speed up your phone processes by quitting those are not working properly by this Android auto phone tester, Phone tester hardware info is a best free app allows you to show your droid hardware info & test all your device hardware it will be a best for a new range of device unlock for you that it may check and compare the device info as it is the best for hard test all phone. You can hard test all the info through this android device manager. It also tells you about hardware and software info about your peripheral equipment, battery capacity and best diagnostico for speed up your phone. It is a specialist in testing and very good examiner. So enjoy this app on choice as this is the best system information app that you can check and measure compatibilities with the phone rather than other smartphone compare apps.
Don’t worry about your assessment, Android hardware tester is an Examiner that will answer your all questions? Best for battery condition check, analyzing device’s hardware, sensors, and components even better than other internet speed test for Android. Tester for Android & Hardware Spec app for Android Devices is and Android hardware tester that provides you hardware equipment info and specs. You can audit your cellular phone because it is an auditor.
Key Features of the Product are :
☆ Real-time Monitoring system for CPU, Network Used and Memory used
☆ Screen test with multiple features, Color monitor, touch monitor and multi-touch
☆ Sound and Vibration testing
☆ Camera Test (Front and Back)
☆ Check Flashlight
☆ Touch Screen Test
☆ Sensor light
☆ Fingerprint examiner
☆ Microphone testing
☆ Wi-Fi Analyzer
☆ GPS test verification
☆ Exact Compass
Information Data:
☆ All Application Installed on your device
☆ CPU/Memory Information
☆ Equipment Info.
☆ Battery Assessment
☆ Camera Information
☆ Software Info
☆ SIM Network Data
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