Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X 1.1 [ad-free]

Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X v1.1 [ad-free] Requirements: 4.2 and up Overview: Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X is a new free battery charging application that helps you kill all background processes with just one click.

Ultra fast charger 10X very fast charger and in just a few minutes before. Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X helps you scan all the services that consume your phone battery, including Bluetooth, GPS, wifi, data cabinet, high screen brightness, screen timeout etc.
Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X helps you close all services that consume the battery on a screen. It also contains battery diagnostics to further test the battery’s health and finds the battery’s health status.
Ultra Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X saving not only improves charging time but also extends battery life. To continue running the fast battery charger in the background, press the “Home” button.
✓ Our application is very easy to use and there is no complex process. Just download and install it from Play Store for free on your Android or tablet smartphone. Touch the optimizer button and we will take care of the rest. That’s all.
✓ After installing our application, you will benefit from our fast and intelligent upload feature that will help your phone get loaded very quickly. You will see a big difference between recharging the phone with and without Quick Charge Battery Saver 10X.
✓ Guarantee the Fast Charge Battery Saver 10X that will get at least the battery life of 50% more with our application. They have been developed by android specialists and have implemented the latest technologies to help you get a longer battery life.
✓ Is the battery running out of super fast energy? Want to have better battery performance? Our application helps you improve battery life and get better battery performance.
✓ Pleasant and easy to use UI.
✓ Displays battery capacity in app.
✓ Automatically activates the fast loading mode.
✓ Turn off wifi, 3G automatically.
✓ Turn off the Bluetooth function automatically
Get to use the ultra fast 10X battery saving
1. Start the application and activate the fast loading mode.
2. Automatically increases the loading speed when you connect the charger the next time.
3. Ultra Fast Charge Battery Saver 10X saving Up to 15-30% faster than other applications.
Thanks for using Ultra Fast Charge Battery Saver 10X

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