Unit converter – Convert Currency & metric units v2.2.0 build 67 [Pro]

Unit converter – Convert Currency & metric units v2.2.0 build 67 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: This free tool is very intuitive to convert all currencies, weights and measures. Use the powerful calculator to do all your maths in the app.

This universal converter is a simple calculator, very easy to use, and very helpful to change measurements from/to imperial metric and universal system, but also to convert dollar to euro or yen with updated exchange rate or on offline mode while travelling, to change cup to liter while cooking, to convert liters/100 KM to British MPG, to find the perfect shoes or clothes size in every country…

How to use?

So easy! Choose the type of measure among the icons, then scroll to the two units you are looking for. The tool is ready for the unit conversion!

Here is the all category included in the measurement converter:
– Weight &Mass
– Temperature
– Distance & Length
– Size
– Volume, quantity et capacity
– Time, duration and period: Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year
– Speed:
– Computer memory
– Energy, power, heat and thermodynamics
– Fuel consumption
– Electricity
– Currency: with forex trading currency exchange rate
– Shoes and clothes size (men, women, kids, and babies)
– Angle
– Force
– Pressure
– Flow

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This converter is an application designed to efficiently convert units of measurement such as speeds, temperatures, time, weight and distances etc.! It will help you make your cooking recipes, maths homework, etc.

Help me make this app the best one:
Keep in mind that this application is constantly evolving. Got an idea for improvement?

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I look forward for your thoughts.

What’s New
Add a privacy policy on the settings menu
Add combine units like ft + in etc.
New interface for scale categories
New category and new units!
Add a tutorial
Add a favorites category for quicker conversion
New category and new units!

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https://douploads.com/ev97yktu6p9a https://uploadev.com/h0j4a9uea3za https://upload4earn.org/9mxkwolszkmy http://sfiles.me/1rc58lo25paa http://cfiles.me/p7waof75nfr5