X84 Fraction Calculator Programmable 991 EX ES FX v3.9.3 [Premium]

X84 Fraction Calculator Programmable 991 EX ES FX v3.9.3 [Premium] Requirements: 4.0.3 and up Overview: High quality scientific calculator FX, calculator for mathematics.

High quality scientific calculator fx, calculator for mathematics
Scientific calculator complex number calculator, with fraction, integral, derivative, unit converter, math formulas and math trick, natural display, support convert scientific notation, scientific calculator with variables, and many more features.
Calculator big numbers:
Calculate with big numbers, you can perform heavy calculation such as 10000!

Calculator of fraction and calculator with fraction
This calculator full support fraction include basic operator such as addition of fraction, multiplication of fraction, division of fraction … and also support convert from fraction to decimal converter and from decimal to fraction, so you can easy solve math problem. Natural display technology calculator with fraction bar as display in textbook. You can calculate fraction division such as 1/2 = 0.5 or 0.25 = 1/4, and you can tap the result display to convert to other form such as repeated decimal, polar, degree/minute/second, mixed number fraction calculator, so you can easy solve fractions problems.

Fraction simplifier
This calculator can simplify fraction, for example 4/8 = 1/2

Equation solver:
It can solve quadratic equation, cubic equation, quartic equation and it can solve any equation with numeric result using Newton method, fraction equation solving calculator, logarithmic equation solver, linear equation solver (2, 3 and 4 unknowns)

Calculator root
Calculate exponent of number, nth root, natural logarithm and logarithm base n, square root calculator (x^2), cubic root calculator (x^3)

Calculator remainder
It can calculate division and remainder

CALC features
This calculate support fraction and variable calculator, you can set value for variable and recalculate it

Other features
Full symbolic calculator
Heavy calculator
Complete calculator for high school and university student
Multifunction calculator: algebra, complex, calculus, matrix, vector, …
Design beautifully scientific, so you can use calculator one hand
Simulate for texas, ti84+ calculator
Function calculator: programmable (for pro user)
Scientific Calculator
The calculator include two mode: full science calculator and simple scientific calc
Engineering Calculator
Support full trig functions калькулятор sin cos
Calculator root
Grafix Calculator
The favorite calculator for student

What’s New
# 3.9.1
– Supported matrix 7×7
– Improved theme
– Fixed some bugs

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